6 Things to Consider before Buying a Generator

To be fortunate enough that you do not lose revenues due to loss of power, you must consider the following tips before buying a standby generator for your facility in Canada.

1.Define your Needs

Each generator has measurable watts. So, your first responsibility is to calculate the amount of power needed and consumed during power outage. In this regard, you need to make a checklist of all the prioritized appliances, which must connect with the generator. Then, for the compiled list, make note of the wattage required by each item. This would let you select the appropriate generator in accordance to required “rated watts” and “surge watts” of generator.

2.Decide the Type of Generator to Purchase

Now, eventually you can decide whether to buy a standby generator, a portable generator or, an inverter generator. This decision made should prevent irreplaceable damages, which may harm your brands’ reputation as well.

3.Safety Regulations

Commercial Purpose

Emergency standby generators Canada are best for commercial domains, especially for health-care facilities, hospitals, and fire stations. So, to ensure uninterrupted supply to ventilation system in hospitals, elevators in offices, and other essentials; it is better to place them in your priority list.

Residential Purpose
For safety, prefer heavy-duty extension cords or better, a transfer switch that allows connecting with generator via single transferable cable.

However, if a generator has access to individual extension cords, it’s better to exclude it from your list.

4.Other Factors

Before finalizing your backup generator, there are few factors that needs your consideration:

Fuel Capacity
Fuel Level Gauges
Number and types of Outlet
Circuit Breakers for Individual Outlets
Fuel Conversion Systems
Wheels and Pull Handles

5.Final Choice Based on Price

Lastly, the cost of the generator is what would decide the type and the brand you would purchase. However, it is better to negotiate for the price being a buyer but remember never to compromise the quality and your requirements for the cost, which you can bear.

Apart from these tips, there are certain technical requirements, which if considered can be more beneficial in your purchase.

  • Wattage: Now, the size of Backup generator Canada depends upon your requirements. For better results, you should use a higher wattage generator, which lets power more to the items once.
  • Engine: The capacity of engine is another vital factor, which depends on your power requirement.
  • Runtime: Some people do not run the generators at full load all the time, so keep this in mind while determining and purchasing your power backup machine.
  • Mobility: Flat free wheels, pneumatic wheels or, simply a carry handle.
  • Starting: Generators are mainly available with either pull cord start or electric start – some even have remote electric starters. So, consider them in your checklist.
  • Outlets: It is vital to ask the count of outlets on the generator because this decides the number of appliances you can connect to the device at the same time.

Overall, these tips are useful for purchasing a durable generator but it’s life also depends on the type of maintenance, which is equally important.

Why Spend on Back-up Power Source?

When a power outage occurs, does it become a cause of concern for you? Does it unease you with questions like when will the electricity come back on, so you don’t confront any losses in your business or how will you charge your phone and stay connected with the outer world? Well, the Back-up generator is the answer to all your misery.

A blackout can happen anywhere or at any time. Moreover, you cannot be certain about the resurgence of power. Therefore, with all these issues in mind, science has bestowed mankind with some of the best power back-up sources like,

  • Portable Generator

Preferred mainly at houses, this generator is cost-effective and can run on diesel or gasoline. In addition to it, this home backup generator doesn’t need professional installation and can be moved easily. However, it needs to be stored in a safe place where its noise doesn’t disturb people living near you and otherwise also, as it may catch fire.


  • Stationary Stand-by System

This whole house generator is used in case of long power cuts. Additionally, on some of the models of the generac backup generator, there is an auto-start option which reduces your work of manual start. On the contrary, it is expensive and definitely requires pro-installation.

Besides these power backup systems you can also buy solar panels, DC_AC power inverter, and wind generators, but it is suggested to consider their pros and cons before.


What benefits do they store for us?

In today’s world, people tend to buy an only versatile commodity which is beneficial to them in long-run. Similarly, when it comes to power backup system ample of practical reasons comes into play, which leads to their installation.

Home Back-up System

Nobody can deny the importance of backup system at home because this device has made people realize its value in terms of its utility to other home appliances like,

  • Refrigerator: When there is power loss, this machine prevents spoilage of all your perishable commodities stored in it.
  • Heaters or Air-conditioners: In poor weather conditions, running of these devices on power back-up provides a comfortable environment to all your family members.
  • Other appliances like Television/Radio/Mobile: The generators are also called emergency power devices. It is the right term used for them because when you are unable to move out of your house due to natural or man-made disaster. Then, by switching-on your all these machines, it helps you to stay connected with the outer world.

Commercial Back-up Power

The main advantage of the generator is clearly visible in a commercial establishment, where businesses expect sales in order to continue operating in future. Even the uncertain power failure in this domain has created a major demand for power backup system.  So, commercial sectors need to gear up ahead of time with the best power back generators in order to avoid any interruption in their operations.

To purchase the best generator in accordance with your need, there are many traditional market stores, where one can buy them at affordable prices. However, if you are too busy to look for the power generator, then online stores are the best available option for you.